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Hit By A Car In San Antonio?

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Being hit by a car can be a traumatic experience that often results in serious injuries, including concussions and other types of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Whether you’re a pedestrian crossing the street, a cyclist riding alongside the road or traveling in another vehicle, being hit by a car is one of the most serious car accidents possible.

This is why it’s critical that injury victims fully understand their legal rights. That’s why we want to help. For decades, our experienced San Antonio car accident attorneys at The Herrera Law Firm have been helping people hit by cars demand the compensation they rightfully deserve.

When you have our legal team on your side, you can make sure your rights are respected and that your injury claim gets the attention it needs. You have enough to worry about after a serious accident. Let us handle all the legal issues and red tape associated with serious injury claims and lawsuits.

Why do people get hit by cars?

If you have been hit by a car in San Antonio, odds are the driver who caused your accident was doing something they should not have been doing on the road. Examples of such reckless or negligent behavior include:

  • Texting drivers not paying attention who hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk.
  • Speeding drivers who did not slow down in time to avoid hitting someone walking alongside the street.
  • Aggressive drivers who did not share the road and hit a pedestrian, cyclist or another car.
  • Reckless drivers who run a red light, don’t stop at a stop sign or ignore other traffic laws.

Who’s responsible for paying for my accident?

Texas has what’s known as an at-fault car insurance system. This means the at-fault party is responsible for paying injury victims for their accident-related expenses. So if you were hit by a car, that driver’s insurance company will likely be the one responsible for paying for your injury-related expenses.

This might sound simple. But the reality is many car accident injury claims turn out to be complicated legal cases. Sometimes, it’s because the at-fault driver denies doing anything wrong. Other times, it’s because the insurance company does everything they can to pay you as little as possible or nothing at all.

This is why it’s critical that you have an experienced San Antonio car accident lawyer handling your case who understands how the insurance system works in Texas. Otherwise, you might not get the money you rightfully deserve.

What should I do if I’m hit by a car?

If you have been hit by a car in San Antonio or elsewhere in Texas, you need to act fast to protect your rights and your health.

  • Call 911 immediately and tell them you have been hit by a car. If you cannot call 911 yourself, ask someone at the scene to call the police for you.
  • Make sure the police respond to your accident. Being hit by a car often results in very serious injuries. By having the police respond, you will have an official police report for your accident.
  • If someone saw your accident, make sure you or the police get the person’s full name and phone number. Statements from eyewitnesses can strengthen your injury claim or lawsuit.
  • Seek immediate medical attention. Even if you feel fine, you could have a life-threatening internal injury.
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment with a doctor. Many injuries take time to develop, especially concussions and other serious head injuries.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions. Otherwise, you might not fully recover and your injury claim might be denied by the at-fault driver’s insurance company.
  • Talk to a lawyer right away. The sooner you have an attorney handling your car accident injury claim or lawsuit, the better.

Why should I hire a San Antonio attorney?

Many times, the insurance company for the driver who hit you will make a lowball settlement offer or not make an offer at all. Either way, you could be left with thousands of dollars or more in unpaid bills due to being hit by a car. Such bills can include medical expenses due to your injury, lost income if you cannot work after your accident and more.

Don’t underestimate the seriousness or the complexity of your legal case. Make sure you fully understand all the legal options available to you. Talk to an experienced San Antonio car accident lawyer at The Herrera Law Firm right away. We can answer your questions and get right to work building a strong case in support of your injury claim.

Don’t be the only one without an attorney at the negotiating table or in the courtroom. Contact our law firm and schedule a free consultation with a San Antonio car accident attorney you can count on when it matters most.

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