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From the moment you contact The Herrera Law Firm for your free case evaluation, you can rest assured your case will be handled by an experienced personal injury attorney serving clients in San Antonio and throughout Texas. We understand accidents happen fast. We understand that your injuries can affect you and your loved ones for a lifetime. That's why we're here: to fight for the compensation you need - and deserve - to get life back on track after an accident.

You have enough to worry about after a car accident, slip and fall accident, or any other type of accident resulting in serious injuries. Ambulance bills, emergency room fees and long-term medical bills skyrocket. You may be unable to work or collect an income. Even worse, you may have done nothing to cause your accident - despite what the person who caused your accident and his or her insurance company try to say.

Discover the difference we can make in your life. Contact us today for a free and confidential initial consultation. A delay may affect your rights. Call us at 1-800-455-1054 or contact us online. There is no obligation. The Herrera Law Firm proudly serves individuals and families injured in accidents in San Antonio and throughout Texas.

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