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San Antonio personal injury attorney Frank Herrera Jr., founder of the Herrera Law Firm, has a simple philosophy: “Winning isn’t luck. It’s knowing how to fight.” Our law firm lives by those words every day. We work tirelessly for clients, making sure they receive the compensation they rightfully deserve to live their lives with dignity.

The Herrera Law Firm, Inc. has a well-earned reputation throughout Texas for being a hard-working, aggressive law firm driven to succeed. We believe our actions speak louder than words. We fight for justice for injury victims and their families, one case a time. Whether you have been injured in an auto accident, a tractor-trailer accident or some other kind of accident, we can help.

Put your trust in a law firm that puts people first. Contact us today to discuss your legal options with an experienced legal professional with a strong track record of success. Call 1-800-455-1054. The sooner you make that call, the sooner we can help you get your life back on track. Don’t delay. Call today.

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Knowing what to do after a personal injury accident can be confusing. You may not be able to work. You may be in serious pain. You probably just want to focus on getting better. But the calls from insurance companies keep coming. And the bills keep piling up. You may feel alone. Don’t give up hope. The Herrera Law Firm can help.

Don’t leave your future to chance. Take action. You have too much at risk. Contact the Herrera Law Firm today. Texas personal injury cases can be extremely complicated. That’s why it’s critical you have an experienced, knowledgeable San Antonio personal injury attorney on your side, fighting for you.

If you’ve been seriously injured or lost a loved one in Texas, you need someone you can trust that will fight to protect your rights. You deserve compensation, not excuses. You need Herrera Law Firm. We represent clients with one, simple goal: obtaining maximum compensation. And we have the track record to prove it. Case results matter here.

Knowledgeable, experienced San Antonio personal injury law firm

Our law firm provides knowledgeable representation for accident victims in Texas. If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence, don’t take on the insurance companies alone. Contact the Herrera Law Firm. Our Texas injury attorneys have dedicated their careers to protecting and preserving the rights of accident victims.

At Herrera Law Firm, we understand how Texas’ legal system works and we know how to get results. Insurance adjusters and insurance company attorneys are determined to keep payments to accident victims to an absolute minimum. The only way to stop them is through aggressive action. Level the playing field. Hire the Herrera Law Firm to fight for your rights.

Our Practice Areas at the Herrera Law Firm

We provide highly skilled representation and handle a wide range of personal injury cases in San Antonio and throughout Texas. The following are some of the types of cases we regularly handle at the Herrera Law Firm:

  • Auto Accidents
  • 18 Wheeler / Commercial Auto Accidents
  • Oil Rig/Well Accidents
  • Construction Accidents
  • Drug Injury / Defective Medical Drugs
  • Defective Medical Devices
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Defective Products
  • Labor / Employment Litigation
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Airplane Crash Accidents
  • Business Litigation / Contract Litigation

Contact a Texas personal injury lawyer who puts your best interest first

With more than 30 years of experience, the Herrera Law Firm has a long history of helping Texans get the compensation they need and deserve. We work on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay no fees unless we make a financial recovery. It’s that simple. Don’t delay. Contact us today. Call 1-800-455-1054 for a free case evaluation. A delay may affect your rights.

Expect more. Contact us. The Herrera Law Firm — fighting for justice, one client at a time!

Frank Herrera Jr.

Frank Herrera Jr.

Founder of the Herrera Law Firm. Known for his commitment for fighting for justice - for the underdog. His famous line is “Winning isn’t luck.

Jorge Herrera

Jorge Herrera

Carries out the core values and strong morals instilled in him by his father and firm founder, Frank Herrera Jr.

Javier Herrera

Javier Herrera

Javier Herrera is the youngest son of Frank Herrera Jr., founder of the firm. Javier is currently an associate lawyer in the firm.

Laura G. Tamez

Laura G. Tamez

Laura Tamez is a fierce advocate for people who need help. Nobody is more passionate about advocating for her clients than Laura.

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With three decades of experience with clients, the Herrera Law Firm has a long history of helping Texans get the compensation they need and deserve. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no fees unless we make a financial recovery. For a free case review, call us today at


A delay may affect your rights.

The Herrera Law Firm — fighting for justice, one client at a time!

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