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How To Read Your Texas Car Accident Report

Herrera Law Firm offers a helpful guide on understanding your police crash report

Knowing what to do after a car accident in Texas can be difficult and confusing. Even understanding how to read your accident report can be a challenge. Accident victims often have questions about paperwork filed by police officers after their accident. For your convenience, our experienced San Antonio car accident lawyers have compiled a list of what to look for on your Texas accident report.

It's the law to report car accidents to police in Texas. When they respond to a crash, law enforcement officials are required to fill out comprehensive paperwork detailing the accident. You have a right to know what details police officers record after your accident. Below you will find a copy of the "Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report," used by law enforcement officials across the state.

Carefully review this report and Herrera Law Firm's tips for understanding your accident report. If you have questions, contact us as soon as possible. Our Texas car accident lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to get the compensation you rightfully deserve. We're ready to fight for you. Call 1-800-455-1054 today to schedule a free case consultation at our San Antonio office location.

Understanding your Texas Traffic Accident Report

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