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Truck Accident Injuries

Semi truck accidents may result in severe injuries

The safety features that are part of today's passenger vehicle designs may not be enough protection in a serious truck accident in Texas. Due to the height, weight, and size of a semi truck, the cars and the passengers inside them typically sustain the bulk of the damage in a serious accident. A typical fully loaded, large commercial tractor trailer can weigh nearly 30 times more than an average passenger car.

Types of trucking accident injuries

In Texas trucking accidents, we have seen victims who suffered from injuries requiring surgery or who have sustained fatal injuries that resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Passengers in cars involved in semi truck accidents who do survive often have lifelong conditions as a result of their injuries. In addition to some of the severe injuries mentioned above, truck accidents have resulted in other types of injuries, including limb amputation and burn injuries.

Below are more details about injuries from truck accidents. Visit any of the sections to learn more.

Limb Amputation

A loss of a limb or the amputation of a leg or arm can happen in a trucking accident. While an amputation is commonly associated with motorcycle wrecks, pedestrian accidents or diseases such as diabetes or cancer, our attorneys see missing extremities cases linked to 18-wheeler crashes.  Sometimes, the victim suffers a serious broken leg or arm in a trucking accident. The hospital may be forced to remove a limb to stop the spread of infections or disease, or to prevent fatal bleeding.

Burn Injuries

Truck crashes sometimes produce fire or explosions that can cause a burn injury. Many individuals in Texas trucking accidents who suffer burn injuries must deal with permanent scarring and disability. Others either lose their lives in the accident or days, weeks or even months after the accident. A burn injury might occur as a result of exposure to fire, but also could be the result of a chemical exposure. Whatever the cause of the burn, recovery is typically long and painful. Truck accident burn injury attorneys often help victims pursue compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress as well as medical expenses and the costs related to medications and treatment.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are one of the more common injuries Texans sustain in trucking accidents. While a head injury is always serious, the severity can range from mild concussions to brain damage and blindness.  Brain injury attorneys see a variety of conditions in 18-wheeler accidents, even when the occupant of the smaller passenger vehicle is wearing a seatbelt.  Treatment of a head injury can be an expensive proposition. There are many costs, from initial treatment to long-term rehabilitation. In many cases, a head injury victim is unable to return to work or perform routine tasks around the home. Our attorneys typically conduct a comprehensive analysis of a brain injury case. Our goal is to make sure the person injured and his or her family is fully compensated.

Neck or Spine Injuries

The spine runs from the base of the skull to the lower back and contains bones called vertebrae. Between the vertebrae are jelly-like discs that can absorb forces placed on the vertebrae. The spinal cord, which runs through the spinal column, carries information from the brain to the rest of the body. In a truck accident, any of these "parts" of the back can be damaged. The result can range from whiplash to spinal cord injury. Even if the spinal column is left unharmed, the muscles surrounding the spine might sustain small tears in an accident. Recovery from such injuries can take weeks, but some people must live with back problems for the rest of their lives.