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Causes of Truck Accidents

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Causes of truck accidents in Texas can run the gamut, from distracted truck drivers on I-10 to speeding truckers on Loop 410. As experienced San Antonio truck accident lawyers, we have a firm grasp on why most truck accidents happen. If you’ve been injured in a collision with a tractor-trailer, the knowledgeable truck accident attorneys from the Herrera Law Firm can get you the compensation you need and deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

In many cases, truck wrecks occur because of the negligent or reckless behavior of truck drivers or trucking companies. Contributing factors often include:

  • Inexperience with the items/type of trailer in tow
  • Exceeding the speed limit, particularly in downhill stretches
  • Failure to navigate turns without impeding on other lanes
  • Backing into pedestrians or vehicles

For a more in-depth look at factors that contribute to wrecks involving 18-wheelers, visit the following sections:

Truck Tire Blowout Accident

A truck tire blowout can have disastrous consequences. In an instant, a tire on a tractor-trailer or another large commercial truck can go flat or fall apart, causing the truck to veer out of control into another vehicle. When these accidents happen at high speeds, the consequences can be devastating.

Truck blowouts sometimes occur to due to wear and tear but tire defects can also be to blame. In either case, truck drivers and trucking companies have a responsibility to make sure their truck is safe and road-ready. That includes regularly checking the tires to make sure there are no signs of tread separation or worn tire treads.

If you think these accidents are rare, think again. An oilfield vehicle on Interstate 20 in Ward County, Texas reportedly experienced a tire blowout. According to news reports, the truck crossed a median and collided with a pickup truck traveling in the opposite direction. Three people were killed and two others were taken to the hospital for treatment.

We handled a similar accident involving a truck with bad tires that resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit. The accident in the Eagle Ford Shale area occurred in 2011. Attorney Jorge Herrera settled the multimillion-dollar case involving a negligent trucking company.

Tire blowouts and oilfield truck accidents

Tires typically wear out quickly on trucks that carry heavy loads for oil companies. These vehicles haul thousands of pounds of material and travel many miles every day over ranch roads often littered with rough debris.

Our San Antonio truck accident lawyers know how to find the facts to build a strong case. We know where to look to uncover evidence that shows that a trucking company failed to follow proper procedures. In many cases, trucking companies could have prevented the accident if they performed proper maintenance or regular safety inspections. Our legal team will investigate, interview witnesses, consult with experts, and take all necessary steps to build a compelling case designed to produce results.

We know that safety should never take a backseat. Unfortunately, trucking companies sometimes cut corners to squeeze out extra profits. This behavior shouldn’t be tolerated. That’s why it’s critical for victims to contact an experienced truck accident attorney from our San Antonio law firm as soon as possible. A truck accident claim may be necessary to hold the negligent company accountable.

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Truck Driver Fatigue

Truck driver fatigue puts everyone on the road at risk. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, an arm of the Department of Transportation that regulates the interstate trucking industry, has “hours-of-service rules” that spell out how long drivers can operate at one time.

These rules exist since some truck drivers push the limit and try to drive long hours in an effort to make more money. Trucking companies can also put pressure on truck drivers to ignore HOS rules to deliver their goods quickly. These unsafe practices put everyone at risk.

If you sustained an injury in a truck accident caused by a driver who fell asleep or was suffering from truck driver fatigue, you may be entitled to compensation. The experienced truck accident lawyers from our San Antonio law firm are ready to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Truckers may break the rules to cover more ground. Unfortunately, this can lead to truck driver fatigue accidents. A drowsy trucker or a trucker who has fallen asleep behind the wheel can cause a horrific accident, resulting in injuries ranging from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that truck driver fatigue is among the leading causes of accidents involving 18-wheelers.

Our legal team knows how to investigate trucking companies after accidents. In the course of an investigation, it may come to light that the company forced the driver to violate the hours-of-service rules. In other cases, a driver may have fallen asleep due to medication or alcohol consumption. Whatever the cause, we know how to pursue maximum compensation for our clients.

Accidents caused by truck driver fatigue can lead to serious injury, or even wrongful death. Because several insurance carriers may be involved, it’s crucial to have a qualified truck accident lawyer on your side, protecting your rights. With more than 30 years of serving injured victims, the Herrera Law Firm has the experience you need to recover the compensation you deserve.

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Cell Phone Use and Texting Truckers

Distracted driving is among the top reasons for accidents on the road, particularly as cell phone usage has become more common. Texting truckers are a nuisance on the highways. Some studies have compared texting while driving to the hazards associated with drunk driving. Even talking on a cellphone while operating a tractor-trailer can be extremely dangerous.

The federal government has barred truckers and bus drivers from using handheld cellphones. Instead, all commercial truck drivers must use the hands-free mode when using a cellphone while driving.

Our attorneys know how to investigate truck accidents involving distracted drivers and make sure our clients get the compensation they deserve.

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Drunk Truck Driver Accidents

In the state of Texas, the driver of a commercial vehicle is subject to even tougher DWI (driving while intoxicated) laws than drivers of non-commercial vehicles.

The government has sent a strong message to truck drivers that DUI, or driving under the influence, will not to be tolerated. Truck drivers who ignore that message and harm other people in the process need to be held accountable for their actions.

If a truck driver drinks too much and crashes into your vehicle, there are several different ways our truck accident attorneys can pursue compensation, including:

  • From the truck driver personally, especially if he or she fails a breathalyzer test.
  • From the trucking company the driver works for, especially if the driver has a history of drunk driving and the company hired them anyway.
  • From the business that sold alcohol to the trucker. If the driver was intoxicated while purchasing more alcohol, you may be able to pursue a “dram shop” case against the business due to its negligent behavior.

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Speeding Truck Drivers

Speed limits exist for a reason. That’s because vehicles traveling excessively fast can be dangerous. This is even truer when it comes to tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks in Texas, where speed limits on some highways near San Antonio are 85 mph.

When these large, speeding trucks crash into other vehicles, the consequences can be devastating. A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. When all that weight crashes into a smaller passenger vehicle or pickup truck, people in those vehicles often sustain severe injuries as a result.

A lot of speeding truck drivers deny ever going over the speed limit. Our experienced truck accident attorneys know how to find evidence proving negligence.

Our legal team will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of justice. Along with examining your crash site and the damage to your vehicle, we frequently consult with accident reconstruction experts. We will also demand to see any dash-cam video footage of your accident, especially if the truck had a camera in the cab at the time of the crash.

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