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Spinal Cord Injuries

Our attorneys in San Antonio know few injuries are as debilitating as a spinal cord injury

If you have sustained a spinal cord injury, you may face a severe economic loss in addition to pain and suffering and mental anguish. So much is at stake when you have been seriously injured. Don't risk your future by pursuing claims with lawyer unfamiliar with such complicated cases. Contact a caring San Antonio spinal cord injury lawyer today. Call The Herrera Law Firm: 1-800-455-1054.

Spinal cord injuries may be the result of accidents involving significant force (motorcycle accidents, truck wrecks or swimming pool accidents, for example). In accidents involving a spinal cord injury, our firm finds resources of experts who are patient advocates. We work hard to pursue full compensation for our clients' losses.

Thousands sustain spinal cord injuries each year

Spinal cord injuries create tremendous hardships and are not uncommon in the United States:

  • About 7,800 people sustain spinal cord injuries in the United States each year, according to the National Spinal Cord Injury Association
  • About 400,000 Americans are living with spinal cord injury
  • Victims may lose movement in all four limbs (quadriplegia) or suffer paralysis in the lower half of the body (paraplegia)
  • Victims tend to have shorter life spans


Paraplegia - the result of a spinal cord injury - is characterized by loss of movement below the waist. While quadriplegia is a loss of movement from the neck down, paraplegia affects the lower half of the body.

A paraplegia injury may result from a car accident, truck collision, fall, swimming accident or any type of accident involving negligence. In extreme cases of paraplegia, victims can no longer use their legs. However, in some cases, a paraplegic will be able to have limited mobility, such as the use of hips, knees and feet, but walking is very difficult.

It's not unusual for paralysis victims to face substantial economic losses. You may be unable to work in the same capacity. You also may face non-monetary losses such as pain and suffering and mental anguish. A competent and experienced spinal cord injury lawyer is willing to work tirelessly so victims and their families can recover the compensation they need.


An accident that results in paralysis from the neck down can change everything in a victim's life. The term used to describe this loss of movement in all four limbs is "quadriplegia." Each year, 6,500 people become quadriplegic. In total, about 130,000 people suffer from the condition.

Quadriplegia may be the result of accidents involving significant force (motorcycle accidents and truck wrecks, for example). Quadriplegia occurs when one of the seven cervical vertebra in the neck area above the first thoracic vertebra is injured. In addition to losing movement in all four limbs, a quadriplegic may experience pain and suffering, loss of bladder or bowel control as well as spasms and sexual dysfunction.

Quadriplegia can lead to deep financial losses in addition to mental anguish. If you or a loved one was injured due to the irresponsible behavior of another person or entity, you may be entitled to receive compensation for loss of consortium (when the injury affects your relationship with our spouse).