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Homeowners’ Claims for Winter Property Damage

In February 2021, Texas was hit hard by a terrible winter storm, with subzero temperatures and massive power outages in San Antonio and statewide. Even beyond the immediate devastation of the disaster, homeowners will be dealing with the consequences for many years, including assessing the damage to their properties.

Whether you sustained damage directly due to water and ice or indirectly due to power outages, you have a right to claim the homeowners’ insurance benefits you paid for. The Herrera Law Firm is actively reviewing cases on behalf of Texas homeowners who need help getting the insurance company to pay up. Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation today with our law firm.

The scope of the damage will lead to thousands of claims – and insurance bad faith

Even in the best of times, insurance companies often resort to shady tactics to pay out as little as possible. After a natural disaster, with thousands or even millions of claims, they’ll pull out every trick in the book to delay, deny, or undervalue claims throughout Texas. They may argue the extent of the damage wasn’t clear or dispute the veracity of documentation just to put off paying for your damages. It’s bad faith, plain and simple, and it’s not right.

If you sustained property damage, here’s what you need to do:

  • Document every inch of damage. Make sure the insurance company has no excuses to downplay the extent of what happened to your home. Take pictures and make detailed notes to create a clear, comprehensive record of all the damage to your property.
  • Keep the receipts. Conduct all communications with your insurance provider and related professionals such as appraisers in writing so that you have a record you can fall back on if the insurance company feigns ignorance. Keep every receipt, every bill, every letter, every email.
  • Get legal representation. The insurance companies are adept at delaying and denying claims because they do it every day. Level the playing field with an experienced attorney who knows how to fight back.

Texans pay some of the highest prices for homeowners’ insurance in the country. It’s time for the insurance companies to pay up – and it’s time for you to protect your legal rights. Don’t deal with the insurance company alone. If you’ve sustained property damage due to the winter storm, give us a call for a free and confidential consultation.

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