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Defective Products

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Toys, household appliances and laptop computers are examples of everyday products many people take for granted, but sometimes cause great harm. A product designed to help you or bring joy to your child might actually cause serious injury due to a design defect.

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Product injuries include burns, loss of sight, internal injury, and amputation or loss of limbs, among others. If the product is defective, unsafe, or if the product fails to meet design, construction or performance standards, you may have grounds for a defective product lawsuit.

Types of defective product cases

A defective product case may arise if a product causes harm due to being defective, unsafe, or fails to meet design, construction or performance standards. The following are a few examples of how defective products cause harm:

  • A lamp, toaster or laptop computer that causes harm to a user (for example, an electric shock or a fire)
  • A dangerous toy or other defective children's product that may have a fire hazard or other safety issue.
  • Defective or dangerous drugs that causes serious and harmful side effects.
  • Tainted food that causes food poisoning.

Types of defective product cases, or product liability claims, include manufacturing defect cases, design defect cases and cases in which there were insufficient instructions or warnings on the product. In some cases, you may be able to pursue a construction defect claim against a builder.

Airbag Failures

An airbag that deploys properly is a life-saver - but if it fails to deploy due to a defect in design or assembly, or if it deploys when it should not, it can be the source of a major injury. In addition to back injuries or spinal cord injury, an airbag failure may cause any of the following possibly debilitating injuries:

  • Facial injuries
  • Hand, finger, nose and forearm fractures
  • Skin abrasions
  • Bruising
  • Eye damage for people wearing glasses

Airbag injury risk for child passengers

While engineers assert that the number of lives saved by airbags far outweighs the number of fatalities, deaths caused by airbags have sparked a backlash. Children in particular are vulnerable to injury or death by airbags if they're sitting close to the passenger side when it deploys. The blast of energy from an airbag may injure a child who is sitting close to the dashboard.

An average size adult who is correctly wearing a seat belt is not likely to come in contact with the airbag until it is fully inflated. For greatest protection, both the driver and front passengers should be buckled up and the seats moved back as far as practical to allow ample space for the air bag to expand.

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Tire Failures

Thousands of drivers take to San Antonio's busy network of roads and highways every day. But with so many vehicles on the road at once, it's critical to ensure that not only do drivers follow traffic safety laws. It's also critical for vehicles to be equipped with tires that are manufactured free of defects. When a tire fails to meet safety standards, a serious accident can happen in a moment's notice and without warning.

A blowout because of defective tires can have deadly consequences on the road, especially if the car is speeding. A tire failure can cause the driver to lose control and collide with another vehicle, leading to severe injury or even a potential wrongful death lawsuit. Vehicles with a high center of gravity, such as SUVs, may rollover as a result of tire failure. Rollover accidents remain one of the top causes of traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Why do tire blowouts occur in San Antonio and across Texas? A tire may be manufactured with ineffective adhesion, leading to poor bonding of tire components and possible tread separation. A tire may be manufactured with impurities, foreign materials and moisture that entered the mix due to a mechanical error or an employee's negligence.

The Herrera Law Firm recommends preserving the tire you suspect caused your accident and contacting an experienced attorney as soon as possible. That way, our experienced attorneys can utilize our extensive resources and experience in determining the true cause of your accident. Don't delay after being injured in an accident. Contact us today.

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