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Our attorneys proudly defend the rights of the elderly

Families trust nursing homes to care for their loved ones, but when that doesn’t happen and loved ones are harmed, the San Antonio nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers from the Herrera Law Firm can hold the responsible parties accountable. Your family deserves justice, and our attorneys can deliver. We will advocate for your loved one and demand maximum compensation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Nursing home abuse and neglect cases are disturbing. Instead of your parent, spouse or sibling being cared for, a facility instead causes them harm or personal injury.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services set strict regulations designed to protect the people living in nursing homes. Unfortunately, some nursing home staff ignore these regulations and take advantage of a resident’s vulnerability.

Families deserve justice in nursing home abuse and neglect cases. They deserve someone who will stand up for their rights and hold facilities accountable for their actions. They deserve an experienced nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer from our legal team.

Can you sue a nursing home for negligence?

If a loved one has suffered harm in the form of nursing home abuse or neglect, you can take legal action against the responsible facility.

Most nursing homes will rarely admit they did anything wrong. Instead, they usually claim they followed the rules and that your loved one somehow did something to cause their own injury. They often hire entire teams of attorneys to support their claim.

They don’t intimidate us. We know how to take them on and win. We know how to carefully investigate allegations of abuse and find evidence to build a strong legal case. From interviewing witnesses to consulting with experts, we leave no stone unturned in pursuit of justice.

Our San Antonio nursing home abuse attorneys have decades of experience handling complicated personal injury cases throughout Texas. We know how the legal system works here and how to produce results. There’s no substitute for experience, no substitute for success. Let us get started on your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What is considered abuse in a nursing home?

Nursing home abuse and neglect can take many different forms. Examples of abuse or neglect in nursing homes include:

  • Psychological injury
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Neglect (not providing necessary care, food, water, medicine, clothing or necessities for living)
  • Unclean or unsanitary conditions

What are the warning signs of nursing home abuse?

Family members or friends of loved ones in nursing homes should be aware of the signs of abuse and neglect. Common signs include:

  • Bed sores
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Unexplained cuts and bruises

Less common signs of neglect or abuse can include:

  • Excessive fatigue
  • Changes in mood
  • Loss of appetite
  • Depression or anxiety

How do I report a bad nursing home?

If you suspect your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, take the following steps to make sure your rights are protected and the nursing home is held accountable:

  1. Notify the nursing home management. Make sure your complaints are documented in writing.
  2. Visit the nursing home frequently and make sure to check in at different times during the day to find out if the problem has been resolved.
  3. Seek medical attention from a doctor if you think your loved one has been harmed.
  4. Contact an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss possible legal action.

Our San Antonio nursing home abuse attorneys protect the rights of Texas’s most vulnerable citizens. No one should have to watch a loved one suffer abuse or neglect at the hands of someone else. Demand justice for your loved one. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation.

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