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Injuries Requiring Surgery - Attorneys at The Herrera Law Firm Will Fight For You

Surgery after an accident due to negligence can lead to complications

Some serious injuries may require surgery, which introduces additional risks. Improper healing or infection can turn grave. With so much at stake, it's important to retain an experienced personal injury lawyer in San Antonio. Texans can rely on the aggressive representation provided by The Herrera Law Firm. We stand up to insurance companies to demand justice for clients involved in a variety of accidents.

Accidents that may lead to surgery

A car accident or a motorcycle wreck may lead to internal injuries. A victim may end up with extensive surgery. Even when a surgical procedure is technically "successful," the patient may not return to the pre-accident level of health, mobility, or function. If your injury has led you to the operating table, it's important that you be aware of all the legal ramifications of what has happened.

We know that broken bones that require the insertion of metal plates and screws to properly heal can be a complicated operation, particularly if the spinal cord is damaged. Damage to internal organs can become permanent, requiring the removal of that organ. The victim must carry that condition for a lifetime.

Surgical mistakes call for experienced representation - choose a determined San Antonio lawyer

Medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists, must make quick decisions during surgery that ultimately could determine the patient's fate.

For many reasons, costly mistakes are made during surgery. Factors that cause mistakes might include lack of adequate training, long hours and workplace stress.

Some of these surgical mistakes include:

  • Use of improperly sterilized equipment
  • Negligent amputation
  • Leaving behind surgical tools inside patient's body cavity after a procedure
  • Anesthesiology error
  • Operation on wrong body part or patient

A surgical mistake may prove fatal, which can be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. If you or a loved one was injured because of a surgical mistake or you lost a loved one, call us in San Antonio for a free and confidential consultation: 1-800-455-1054. At The Herrera Law Firm, we do everything we can to make sure the individual or parties responsible for our clients' injuries are held accountable.