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How to Choose a Lawyer

What you should know about picking a Texas attorney right for you

When an individual or family is facing a serious legal problem, it is important to find and hire a lawyer who will efficiently and effectively handle your case. Although the specific questions that you need to ask your prospective lawyer are uniquely defined by your legal issue, the following are guidelines that may help steer you in the right direction when searching for the right representation.

Referrals that work

Virtually everyone will need a lawyer at some point in his or her life. As a result, many people will have a strong opinion about an attorney they hired to help them with a legal matter. The first place to find an attorney that can help solve your legal problem is to ask someone you trust for a referral.

Inquire about how the attorney handled the case, whether or not the outcome was a success and what the client liked or disliked about working with that particular person.

Research your choices

Although an enthusiastic recommendation is a great place to start, it is always better to conduct additional research about an attorney you're considering hiring. There are numerous resources where you can find out more about a person's legal education, expertise and record. These resources include:

Texas State Bar

1414 Colorado Street
Austin, Texas 78701
Lawyer Referral Service
(A service of the Texas State Bar)

The State Bar of Texas is an administrative agency of the judicial branch in Texas. Every licensed attorney is a member of the State Bar, which provides a wide array of services to its members and the public.

The State Bar of Texas offers referrals for attorneys when there is no local lawyer referral service in a client's area. Participating lawyers in the service have to apply to the service to be referred and are listed by practice area and the county or counties in which they work.

The Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory

A national publication that lists lawyers by city and by state and lists their area of practice. The publication can be found at your local library or found online at

Referrals by local bar associations

Many bar associations will offer referrals to attorneys in your area. There are several associations in San Antonio including:

Bexar County Women's Bar Association

P.O. Box 2297
San Antonio, Texas 78298-2297

Mexican American Bar Association - San Antonio

222 S. Flores
San Antonio, Texas 78204
210-226-5656 Phone
210-226-2241 Fax

San Antonio Bar Association (SABA)

Bexar County Courthouse, 5th Floor
San Antonio, TX 78205
Lawyer Referral Line
(210) 227-1853

Remember, research is an important step for finding the right lawyer. Never hire an attorney based completely on one factor, especially advertisements.

Experience Counts

When trying to resolve an issue as serious as a legal matter, you need an experienced attorney on your side. It's important to choose an attorney who has dealt with cases similar to yours. If at any time, the attorney doubts his or her competence, it is crucial to ask for a referral to a lawyer whose expertise may be stronger in that area. In fact, not only should an attorney have experience in the area of law you need but should also describe to you how he or she handled similar cases, what the outcomes were for those cases and if he or she expects a comparable result in your case.

Initial Consultations

A face-to-face meeting with a prospective attorney is an essential step toward finalizing your choice. Many lawyers offer a free initial consultation but it would not be unreasonable for an attorney to require a fee to cover the time he or she will need to discuss whether or not a case like yours requires a legal professional. Either way, this meeting is your opportunity to explain your situation and discuss potential actions and solutions.

In order to be fully prepared for your initial consultation, ask the attorney or paralegal for a list of relevant documents you may need to bring to explain your legal matter. Many attorneys will also ask you to fill out a questionnaire beforehand so that time will be saved during the initial meeting.

Questions that you may want to ask a prospective attorney during an initial consultation include:

Do I need an attorney to solve my problem?
What fees and costs will be involved with my type of case?
Based on my situation, is this the type of case you routinely handle?
How do you work with clients in my situation?
How long will it take to solve my legal problem?

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