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Texas Campaign Aims to Reduce Distracted Driving

TxDOT's "Talk. Text. Crash." campaign raises awareness about the dangers of distracted driving in San Antonio and beyond It's no secret that distracted driving is an extremely dangerous behavior that causes car accidents in San Antonio and throughout Texas every year. But far too many drivers still engage in this behavior and cause crashes on...

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Why is Loop 1604 Called "The Death Loop"?

Despite reconstruction efforts, Loop 1604 remains dangerous Originally a simple rural road used for reaching dairy farms, the roadway now known as Loop 1604 underwent a significant transformation and emerged as a poorly lit, two-lane highway that became known as "The Death Loop" due to the high number of traffic fatalities that occurred on the...

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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

In March, we observe Brain Injury Awareness Month People are hurt in personal injury accidents every year in San Antonio and communities throughout Bexar County, Texas. The lives of victims can change in just seconds. Suddenly, they need medical attention, and the expenses for treatment can add up very quickly. They may also have suffered...

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U.S. Traffic Fatalities: Minor Decrease but Still Alarmingly High

Despite progress, there are still too many people dying in car accidents. According to the latest projections from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there was a very slight decrease in traffic fatalities in the U.S. in the first nine months of 2022. The NHTSA estimated that 31,785 people died in traffic crashes during...

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New Study Reveals San Antonio's Traffic Woes

Our car accident lawyers break down why San Antonio's roads are among the most congested in Texas. The City of San Antonio has some of the worst traffic in Texas, according to a recent traffic safety study conducted by the Texas A&M Traffic Safety Institute that analyzed which roads and highways have the most traffic...

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5 Holiday Driving Safety Tips

San Antonio car accident lawyers explain how to stay safe while traveling this holiday season. Planning to drive to see family or friends this Thanksgiving, Christmas, or for another holiday this season? You’re not alone. An estimated 55 million drivers are expected to drive at least 50 miles during the Thanksgiving weekend, according to the...

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