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What to Do After a Commercial Trucking Accident in San Antonio

San Antonio truck accident attorneyAfter a commercial trucking accident, you need to get prompt medical help so you can make sure a doctor diagnoses all injuries including those injuries which may not be immediately symptomatic. You want a record of the injuries sustained, as you will need to be able to prove the extent of your losses and the extent of damages in order to recover compensation.

It is in your best interest once your injuries are stabilized to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who handles truck accident cases. An attorney will help you with all of the other steps which you must take after a truck accident case so you can protect your rights to compensation for current and future medical expenses, as well as other loses. .

When you consider the different steps you must take after a commercial truck accident in San Antonio, it becomes easy to see why you need legal help immediately following the accident. The steps you are going to have to take after the crash include:

  • Talking to your own insurer, the trucker's insurer, and the insurer of the truck driver's employer. There may be multiple insurance companies who could possibly cover damages and pay for losses. Before you talk with any of them in any detail, you should have a lawyer representing and advising you so you do not inadvertently say or do anything which jeopardizes your case.
  • Determining who is responsible for the truck accident. Commercial truck accident claims are complicated by the fact a truck driver acts as an agent of his employer. This means the appropriate parties to sue may include the trucking company. Trucking companies are legally required to have $750,000 or more of liability insurance, minimum, if they are subject to federal regulations. A larger amount of available insurance money increases the chances you will be able to successfully obtain compensation.  An attorney assists you in identifying all of the possible defendants in a truck accident claim.
  • Deciding how to pursue a claim for compensation. You can file a civil lawsuit against appropriate defendants and pursue a claim in court. Settling a case is also very common as you may be offered a substantial sum of money to waive liability and agree not to sue. Before you accept a settlement, you should have your lawyer review the offer and ensure it is a fair one. Your attorney can negotiate with the insurers involved in the case to help you get more money in many situations.  If you decide to go to court, your San Antonio injury attorney will also take care of technical issues and assist with pursuing your claim.

With each step you need to take after a commercial truck accident, you need knowledge of how Texas law protects accident victims. An attorney can bring this knowledge to your case.

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