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Truck Driver Shortage Increases Accident Risks in San Antonio

San Antonio truck accident attorneyThe nationwide trucker shortage is causing a serious liability on San Antonio roads. This is primarily due to the high turnover rate in the commercial trucking industry and the increase of inexperienced drivers.

USA Today recently reported the trucker shortage is causing trucking companies to offer bonuses of up to $8,000 along with other incentives in order to maintain or hire experienced drivers. The American Trucking Association reports that the commercial trucking industry is in dire need of 50,000 more drivers to operate roughly 4 million large trucks.

Some trucking companies are offering additional incentives of $100-per-day late pay for drivers who don't make it home on time after their shift. They're also offering better mileage pay and paid weigh-in fees.

The dangers posed by truck driver shortages

As it currently stands, inexperienced drivers are often forced to drive for long hours, sometimes in violation of federal Hours-of-Service regulations. Due to the size and weight of large commercial trucks, this puts motorists in danger of being seriously or fatally injured in an accident.

These cases are often complex since multiple parties can be involved. This includes the truck driver and his or her insurer, a trucking company and its insurer, or the freight owner and his or her insurer - not to mention any other motorists who might be involved.

Many company owner-operators and independent contractors believe that cost-cutting and other profit-driven measures by large trucking companies may be the culprit behind the increased risk for truck accidents. Additionally, in order to save money, many trucking companies will hire novice drivers who are at greater risk of causing a deadly collision.

Who is at fault in a San Antonio truck accident?

Your chosen San Antonio truck accident attorney should be experienced in handling these complex cases. When investigating a truck accident, we'll look for any violations of federal law. For example, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enforces Hours-of-Service regulations in order to place a limit on how many hows a trucker can be on the road. This is meant to prevent accidents caused by drowsy driving. A truck's maintenance log and data recorders must be scrutinized, as well as the trucker's driving history and history of the trucking company.

The Texas Department of Public Safety's Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Service also regulates commercial trucks by placing limits on the size and weight of trucks as well as hazardous materials and other safety regulations.

If you have been injured in a San Antonio truck accident, you need the legal advocacy of an experienced attorney.  The attorneys at Herrera Law Firm will investigate your truck crash and work to hold responsible parties accountable for their negligence. Contact us today so we can further discuss your options.

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