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Tips on Preventing Texas Rear-End Collisions

San Antonio car accident attorneyA Texas man was rear-ended in his vehicle recently. The 80-year-old man was driving his pickup truck, which was rear-ended by another motorist in an SUV. When the pickup truck was hit from behind, the force of the crash caused the car to go forward and strike a rock wall. The driver in the pickup truck was taken to a nearby medical center for help, but he subsequently died of the injuries sustained in the collision.

While many people think of rear-end accidents as just fender benders, this tragic death reported by KFox TV shows how deadly-rear end crashes can actually be. The greater the momentum of the rear driver, and the more likely it is for the front car to be pushed into other vehicles or into fixed objects, the greater the potential for serious harm. Unfortunately, even slow-speed auto accidents can be dangerous because conditions like whiplash can develop and turn chronic.

Due to the dangers of rear-end accidents, drivers should know how to prevent this type of collision and should make sure they are taking steps to reduce the risk of striking the back of someone else's car.

Rear-End Collision Prevention Tips

There are many ways motorists can try to exercise more caution to avoid rear-end crashes. For example, the risk of hitting someone from the rear can be significantly reduced or even eliminated if:

  • You leave a 3-4 second following distance. Following distance can be calculated by looking at when the front car goes by a fixed object and then when you go by it. At least 3-4 seconds should usually pass; if you're too close, you won't have time to react if the front driver does something unexpected.
  • You pay attention to what cars around are doing. While this may seem obvious, many people become distracted by their phone, an in-vehicle entertainment system, a GPS, or other devices. A driver who takes his or her focus off the road, even briefly, could make an error and hit the driver in front.
  • You avoid speeding. The faster a car is going, the greater the vehicle's momentum and the longer the stopping distance. If you see you are about to hit a car in front of you, you need to have sufficient time to stop before striking the vehicle. If you are traveling too fast and take a long time to stop, you're more likely to hit the car.

You do not want to become responsible for causing a rear-end accident because drivers in the rear are presumed liable and thus may be forced to compensate crash victims. Following best practices for safety is essential to limit the risk.

For those who were in the front when another car hit them from behind, getting compensation is essential to cover costs and move on with life.

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