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Texas School Bus Accident Lawyer Comments on Fatal Houston Bus Crash

Two students were killed and three were injured in a fatal Houston school bus accident that occurred when the bus drove off a highway overpass and crashed into the road below, illustrating just how serious school bus accidents can often be, according to Texas bus accident attorney Jorge Herrera, founder of The Herrera Law Firm in San Antonio, TX.

"This recent fatal bus accident shortly after the start of a new school year serves as a tragic reminder of just how dangerous bus accidents can often be in Texas and around the country," Herrera said. "This accident also shows that even the safest bus drivers can be involved in a fatal crash that's beyond their control. That's why it's so important for every driver on the road to be especially carefully every time they drive near a school bus on the road. All it takes is one wrong move to cause a serious or fatal bus accident."

The recent accident occurred on Interstate 610 in Houston near Telephone Road on Sept. 15 shortly after 7 a.m., according to numerous news accounts about the accident, including a story by KHOU News.

According to police, another driver on I-610 swerved to avoid hitting another car drifting into her lane, causing the first driver to hit the left side of the Houston Independent School District bus, which then flew off The 610 Loop and crashed onto Telephone Road below, according to KHOU News.

The accident resulted in the death of a 17-year-old student and a 14-year-old student on the bus, as well as three other injuries, according to KSAT ABC 12 News.

The school bus was equipped with lap safety belts for students, KSAT News reported. The article also noted that the driver of the bus has worked for the school district for three years and has a clean driving record.

Leaving a safe distance between a school bus and another vehicle, as well as slowing down, are two of the best ways drivers can avoid a crash involving a school bus, according to attorney Herrera. But more can also be done, he noted. "Texting while driving is still legal for most drivers in Texas," Herrera said. "But that doesn't mean texting while driving is safe. That's why every driver needs to put down their phone and keep their eyes focused on the road, especially if there's a school bus on the road. Small steps like these can make a big difference in many people's lives."

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