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Why Do People Hit and Run in Texas?

San Antonio car accident attorneyA hit-and-run fugitive recently turned himself into authorities in Texas. The Charlotte Observer indicates that the 32-year-old van driver allegedly struck a six-year-old and killed the young boy before he drove off from the crash scene. The six-year-old had been walking with his mother and sister. His sister ran across the street and the boy let go of the mother's hand to follow. The van hit the boy as he was going across the road. While the driver got out to check the boy, he subsequently left the crash scene.

The driver's van had been found before he was, and law enforcement had issued a warrant for the driver's arrest on felony hit and run charges at the time when the vehicle was discovered.

Drivers can be charged with felony hit and run for leaving a crash scene where a fatality occurred. The driver was in Texas at the time the warrant was issued, which is why he turned himself in to police in the Texas area. He will be extradited to stand trial.

Why Do People Hit and Run in Texas?

Hit and runs are far too common, and a delay in getting medical help for victims can result when drivers leave the scene of an auto accident. This is detrimental in terms of outcomes. Many people throughout Texas are hurt or even killed in hit-and-runs, in part because drivers didn't call for help when they have left the scene.

Because of the risk of hit-and-runs, understanding the reasons for this behavior can be very important. There are many possible reasons why people leave the scene of a car accident including:

  • Undocumented status: This can be a major problem in many parts of Texas where there are large populations of undocumented immigrants. In Texas, the law requires proof of lawful status to get a driver's license. While some states have opted to give licenses to people who are not in the U.S. legally, Texas isn't one of them. As a result, with no license, it isn't possible to get insurance. Undocumented immigrants thus have multiple reasons to leave: fear of deportation, criminal charges for driving with no license and insurance; and a lawsuit going after personal property.
  • Arrest warrants: Someone with an outstanding arrest warrant may leave a crash scene out of worry police will run his name and arrest him.
  • Drunk driving: If someone is intoxicated, he or she may leave the scene of a crash.
  • Lack of insurance or a license: Someone with no car insurance and/or without a valid license is going to have strong incentive to leave a crash scene to avoid personal liability and legal problems due to unlawfully driving with no license.

Regardless of why someone flees a crash scene, leaving the site of a collision is likely only to get the person who left in much more serious trouble. It is better to stay and address the problems, rather than to just leave a crash scene and be left to cope with the consequences. When a driver does leave, victims can face challenges in getting the compensation they deserve for a crash.

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