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What Happens After a Hit-and-Run in Texas?

San Antonio car accident attorneyRecently ABC News reported on a tragic hit-and-run accident in Texas. An 11-year-old was killed when a red vehicle hit the pickup truck that she was in. The pickup truck was slammed into a concrete column as a result of the impact of the red car striking it. The driver of the red car kept going without making any effort to stop at the crash scene. Everyone except for the front passenger who was in the pickup truck was taken to the hospital following the incident. There were five children total and two adult males in the car, and the adult male in the front passenger seat was able to give police a statement about what occurred.

Texas law requires drivers to stop at a crash scene, and motorists who flee the scene of an accident when a death was involved could potentially face felony charges. Police are reportedly searching for the driver of the red vehicle, and anyone who has information are encouraged to contact law enforcement. Hopefully, the driver of the vehicle will be found so it can be ascertained who was to blame for the accident and so the driver of the red vehicle can be held liable for the losses he caused if it can be proved his negligence was a direct cause of the car crash which led to the death of the young girl.

Hit and run car accidents like this one are, unfortunately, far too common. Whenever they occur, it becomes necessary for victims to make a determination regarding how they can recover compensation for losses caused by a motor vehicle  crash.

What Happens After a Texas Hit-and-Run Collision?

When a typical car accident occurs, the drivers stop and exchange information. A decision is made by their insurance companies, and sometimes by a jury if a lawsuit is filed, regarding who is at fault for the accident. The insurer who represents the at-fault driver pays for the losses of the victims, up to policy limits. This payment is made either in an out-of-court settlement or after a jury awards compensation to victims.

In a hit-and-run, of course, none of these things can happen. The problem is, the driver who may be liable for causing the accident has fled the scene so there is no one for the victims to hold accountable. Police do investigate hit-and-run accidents, and if the driver can be found then it may be possible for victims to pursue a damage claim just as they would if the driver had not fled. Unfortunately, the driver isn't always located.

If the driver is not found, motorists injured in the accident may be left with uncompensated losses. Some drivers are covered by optional uninsured motorist coverage, but Texas law does not require the purchase of uninsured coverage so it may not be a given that such a policy is available in every case where a crash happens.

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