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Texas Football Game Days Mean Increased Risk of Car Accidents

San Antonio car accident attorneyIn Texas, people take football seriously. There are lots of great football teams in Texas, which help contribute to the enthusiasm and excitement of fans. The Texas-San Antonio Road Runners are a beloved college team, but there are lots of pro and college teams to enjoy watching including the Texas Longhorns, the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Tech Raiders, Texas A&M Football, and more.

While watching football is a fun way for people to enjoy fall and enjoy time with their friends, there is also a risk if football fans decide they want to drink while enjoying the game. Many sports fans imbibe, and some of those sports fans will decide to drive drunk.

Because of the connection between drinking and sporting events, there is an increased risk of car accidents due to drunk driving on football game days. Sports fans need to be aware of how dangerous this is and should both not drink and drive themselves and help to stop others from drinking and driving. Victims who are harmed by this behavior also need to know what their rights are.

The increased risk of car accidents on football games can be attributed to the substantial percentage of football fans who drink, and to the fans who consume significant amounts of alcohol.

According to Bloomberg, approximately 10 percent of people who attend a football game will drink enough during the course of the game to be classified as legally drunk by the time they leave the event. Many people who drink over the course of the entire game may not realize their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) has slowly crept over the legal limit and will make the unsafe choice to get behind the wheel.

For those who tailgate, as many people do on football game days, being drunk is far more likely to happen. Tailgaters have a 14 times greater chance of being legally impaired by alcohol, as compared with others who aren't tailgating.  Among tailgaters, one in four admit to having at least five drinks. This is officially classified as binge drinking, and consuming this much alcohol makes it impossible to either drive safely or to make smart choices about whether or not it is OK to get behind the wheel.

Football fans who want to drink without putting themselves and others at risk of serious car accidents should make sure they have a designated driver or a plan to get home. Plans should be put in place before beginning to drink, as it becomes harder to decide what the best course of action is for getting home once you are already drunk. Anyone who attends a football game with friends or with family should also make sure they do not let any of their loved ones get into a car and drive after consuming too much alcohol to be safe.


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