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Triple Fatal Accident Linked to an Oilfield Vehicle’s Tire Blowout

San Antonio truck accident attorneyAn accident that apparently was caused by an oilfield vehicle on Interstate 20 in Ward County claimed the lives of three people and resulted in serious injuries to two others.

NewsWest 9 reported that the oilfield vehicle experienced a tire blowout while traveling westbound on I-20 on March 20, 2014. According to the report, a left front tire blowout resulted in the vehicle crossing the median and colliding with a pickup truck that was traveling eastbound on the highway.

NewsWest 9 reported that three people died and two others were transported to the hospital after the accident, which caused a traffic backup. The crash occurred near mile marker 66 in Ward County.

Herrera Law Firm - Experienced Handling Complicated Truck Accident Claims

Our truck tire blowout accident attorneys secured millions of dollars in compensation in a very similar case and know that accidents involving oilfield vehicles often can involve serious injuries and fatalities. While the Ward County oilfield vehicle accident is under investigation, generally speaking oil companies sometimes fail to properly maintain their vehicles or they may hire drivers who are not qualified. The Herrera Law Firm, Inc., has a comprehensive understanding of truck accidents involving blowouts. Recently, the San Antonio firm settled a multimillion dollar case involving a truck with bad tires that caused a fatal crash. The trucking company neglected to perform proper maintenance or safety inspections of its fleet of trucks. In some cases, companies fail to complete basic safety requirements to ensure safety. They put profits over safety and create an unnecessary risk for others sharing the road.

Trucking Companies Must Put Safety First

In many parts of Texas, heavy oilfield trucks with thousands of pounds of load are sharing the roads with smaller vehicles. The trucks generally are run every day across long stretches of highway, and the tires wear out quickly. It's the responsibility of companies to make regular checks of the tires and ensure they are safe.

If someone is injured or killed, that individual or the family who lost a loved one may be entitled to file a truck accident lawsuit to pursue compensation. These oilfield truck accident claims are more than about money. They are about accountability. A lawsuit can send a loud and clear message to other companies to maintain safe operations and abide by laws and regulations.

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