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San Antonio Auto Accidents: Watch Your Speed!

San Antonio car accident attorneyA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey has revealed a troubling disconnect between drivers' attitudes towards speeding in a car and drivers' behavior when it comes to going too fast. This disconnect suggests that more needs to be done to help the public really understand how deadly speeding accidents can be.

Speeding plays a role in as many as 1/3 of all car accident deaths that happen on U.S. roads each year, with almost 10,000 people dying in crashes that could perhaps have been avoided if motorists hadn't been in such a hurry. Victims of high-speed collisions can consult with a speeding accident lawyer in San Antonio for help, but avoiding the crashes in the first place is a far better solution. Avoiding these accidents or at least significantly reducing the number of speeding deaths would be simple if drivers simply refrained from speeding since they know it to be a high-risk activity.

Drivers Know Speeding is Dangerous, but Still Drive Too Fast

There is no question that motorists in the United States know that they shouldn't speed because doing so endangers them. Four drivers out of five responding to the NTHSA said that going within or close to the speed limit while in the car would make it easier to avoid a car accident or other dangerous situations. A total of 91 percent of respondents said that drivers should obey the speed limit, since doing so is legally required by law.

Not only do drivers believe people should obey the law, but they also believe that something needs to be done to make sure they do. A total of 48 percent said that they thought it was "very important" for "something to be done to reduce speeding on U.S. roads."

Drivers CAN do something to reduce speeding and reduce the number of people who die from speed-related car accidents: they can just slow down.  Yet, many motorists aren't doing it. More than a quarter of drivers admitted that speeding was something that they just did when they were driving without even thinking about it, and more than a quarter also reported that they liked the feeling of driving too fast. One driver out of every five who was surveyed by the NHTSA agreed with the sentiment that they want to get where they are going as fast as they can, and drivers who were male or who were between the ages of 16 and 20 were among the motorists most likely to say that they  drive too fast.

Drivers may be disobeying speed limits they believe in because they believe that they are good drivers and that a crash would never happen to them. Survey data showing that 16 percent believe that "driving over the speed limit is not dangerous for skilled drivers," which means that they may go fast because they believe that they are capable of still being safe.

The reality, however, is that no one is immune from the basic laws of physics that make a speeding car a potentially deadly ride.  Drivers need to keep in mind that someone who is speeding could also lose control of the vehicle more easily, endangering himself and putting other motorists at risk as well.

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