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Commercial Litigation

San Antonio commercial litigation lawyers fighting for clients seeking justice

Commercial litigation cases in Texas can be extremely complicated. These cases involve taking legal action for business transaction. Commercial litigation matters can become complex because they often involve disputes over contracts, mergers and acquisitions, non-compete agreements and other issues. You need the right San Antonio business attorney to get the result you need. At Herrera Law Firm, we understand the need for aggressive representation when a client is confronted with a serious business dispute and needs a resolution. We have the experience and resources needed to mount an aggressive case on behalf of a client.

What is commercial litigation and why do I need a business attorney?

Commercial litigation in Texas encompasses many different types of business lawsuits and business legal issues. Our lawyers can provide quality and efficient representation on issues involving labor and employment law and all sorts of disputes and litigation, including but not limited to:

  • Non-compete agreements
  • Real estate contracts
  • Sexual harassment
  • Unfair business practices
  • Wrongful termination


Business owners and entrepreneurs in Texas are bright, self-starters who are accustomed to taking charge of any situation. But complex business matters can become costly, because your time is so valuable. When you hire The Herrera Law Firm, you'll have an experienced commercial litigation attorney who can focus on your legal problem so you can turn your attention to running your business. We will handle your case in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible, without sacrificing quality legal services.

"How can a San Antonio business litigation attorney help me?"

A serious legal issue involving a business can create a significant distraction for management. In no time at all, your company resources may get tied up. To avoid costly legal entanglements, it's important to take action early. Our Texas commercial litigation lawyers understand the importance of sitting down with clients and planning. We believe firmly in finding proactive solutions to prevent disputes from happening.

We understand how to get results for our clients and are ready to handle complex commercial litigation cases. With our Texas law firm on your side, you get a personal injury lawyer with experience in negotiation, arbitration and litigation of business contracts.

We understand how to represent clients engaged in a variety of complex disputes, including employment contracts and intellectual property rights, among other types of commercial legal issues.

The legal professionals at Herrera Law Firm are skilled at resolving disputes at the negotiating table, but we also are prepared to obtain favorable results for our clients by taking a case to a jury or a judge.